With a week of delay (I caught a horrible cold) I arrived in Holland at the 23.10.2011, for sale just a day after the General assembly of the CCS Motor yacht section in Lucerne.

MY ROLLING SWISS II was laying calm and save in her berth in Pekelharinghaven, salve Medemblik. It took me two days to go through the whole Trader 42 and its inventory list, to check, store or remove all the remaining food and to note all the little problems and things, which should be repaired or amended during the Winter lay at Peter de Klerks ship yard. And finally my Lady was ready for her winter lay.

On Tuesday morning I went through a rather long list with a lot of small issues with Peter de Klerk. After “MY Rolling Swiss II” was lifted  out of the water, we checked the underwater section for damages- and we were delighted not to find any damage! …

Our skippers did a great job! Many Thanks for that!

MY ROLLING SWISS II did a great season 2011: From 01.04.2011 until 08.10.2011 she was at sea for 26 weeks and sailed 5099 nm during 883 engine-hours. She vistited 126 different ports in 7 countries and  – had 3 engine oil changes… About 146 Skippers and crew members enjoyed their holidays on “Rolling Swiss II” during the 2011 season…. with more than 90% occupancy on the cruises again! 

I just got only positive feedback from our members.

The cruisie schedule for 2012 has already been set, and is shown on the CCS website… so, please check it out at www.cruisingclub.ch!

Looking already forward to meet you again in spring 2012!

Marc Pingoud, CCS motor yacht section
Manager of Trader42 “Rolling Swiss II”

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01.-08.10.2011 – Practical Radar-Training

Radar Training on Board 01.10. – 08.10.2011

Leaving Switzerland on Friday by train, site Ernst, check Rolf, Thomas and me reached Amsterdam Centraal Station early morning on Saturday where we found a quite promising weather. Marcel, our skipper already one week underway on ROLLING SWISS II was waiting for us at the Sixhaven in the heart of Amsterdam. After the arrival of Walter the fourth crew member we quickly left the port to do some food shopping for the upcoming week.

After that we started for the foreseen itinerary Amsterdam – Lelystad – Indelopen – Oudenschild – Stavoren-Hoorn – Medemblik.

The purpose of this cruise was to learn about radar and to get familiar with the excellent electronic equipment on board of RS II. We had two very good instructors, Marcel and Ernst both of them well experienced sea bears with a lot of knowledge on navigation and metrological matters. Each day was organized that we had some hours of theoretical instructions in the morning or afternoon depending on the weather forecast and the planned day trip. During the cruises each crew member had the opportunity to sit in front of the radar-plotter and to exercise what has been instructed before. Step by step we got more and more used to correctly tune the equipment, to identify land banks, boys, moving targets and to distinguish between low light signals and waves or even rain on the radar screen. Not to forget the use of the very helpful MARPA function, a very strong support to identify course, speed and probable collision points with our “enemies”.

Well prepared we started our night trip from Oudenschild to Stavoren Wednesday evening after twilight. In the beginning the red and green lighted buoys were still easily identifiable. Then the night getting darker we identified the buoys on the radar screen even before they became visible with the glasses, quite impressive.  The final approach to the harbor of Stavoren became quite tricky since all the lights from the landside were even more confusing than helpful. However we found a good berthing place and enjoyed than a good late night dinner well prepared by Ernst.

On the following day after crossing to Hoorn we had to do theoretical test to be qualified for radar utilization. The whole crew passed the test with success thanks the competent instructions from Marcel and Ernst.

On Thursday already the last journey from Hoorn to Medemblik was on the program. The weather turned, a rough wind and waves came up. This was good opportunity to use the power of RS II’s engines, to go over hull speed and feel the strengths and possibilities of our Trader 42 motoryacht. Quite a difference, the Rolling Swiss II turned into a Speedy Swiss and the last trip became much more comfortable then with low speed through the nasty waves of the Ijsselmeer. 

Arriving at Medemblik RS II reached the place her to stay over wintertime while the crew closed the very instructive week with a last common tasty dinner.

Summarizing the whole week I feel that this training was quite successful and I can recommend it to everyone not really familiar with the electronic equipment on board of RS II.

Many thanks to Marcel and Ernst.

Florin, Crew member on cruise 08-2011-40

CCS-Motorboat-Homepage: http://www.ccs-motorboot.ch/
…and the cruising programm 2012 of MY ROLLING SWISS II is published and open for registration,
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