27.08-03.09.2011 Heading back to Kiel – with gastronomical recommendations…

Our travelling via Hamburg took about 5 hours more than scheduled, store due to a defect on the overhead contact line. However we reached Stralsund still on the same day. On Saturday we took over Rolling Swiss II in perfect condition from the previous crew. Many thanks again.
The remaining time we spent visiting the historical town of Strahlsund. For interested people we recommend to visit the Ozeaneum which is part of the German Sea Museum at Strahlsund. The Ozeaneum was selected as the “Museum 2010”. Beside attractive aquariums and leisure events the main emphasis is on educational programs. The visitor should also read and understand the world of the oceans and become sensible for issues around the blue water planet. A low-pressure area passed north of Stralsund and the latest weather forecast announced wind with 4-5 bft waves of 0.5 – 1.0 m. Further prognosis was that the cyclone only slowly moves eastwards increasing wind and waves. We decided therefore to quickly move westwards to gain the backside of the cyclone.
1. Day, hospital  Stralsund – Warnemünde
Heading north, store the first step led from Stralsund through the northern passage between the islands “Bock” and “Gellen”. Continuing on course west we passed “Darser Ort”, approached Warnemünde to berth in the marina “Hohe Düne”. The “Hohe Düne” might offer a very good infrastructure, however it’s not a real charming place.  Furthermore downtown Warnemünde can be reached by ferry only. For this reasons we suggest to berth in the port “Alter Strom”, it’s closer to the city. A gastronomic hint: The cozy “Bier & Brandweinkontor”.
2. Day, Warnemünde – Wismar
The weather forecast still announced wind W 4-5 bft and waves 1.0 – 1.5 m. Following the coast further west we reached Wismar towards evening  where we berthed in the „Alter Hafen“.
3. Day, Wismar – Fehmarn
On the third day the weather didn’t improve considerably. Protected by the land in the west our crossing to Fehmarn went quite calm. We approached the port of “Burgtief” and there, due to the rather short journey, we did some more berthing maneuvers under strong wind conditions.
4. Day, Fehmarn – Ærøskøbing
Finally the weather cleared up, so we decided to cross for Denmark and visit Ærøskøbing. The challenging part during this quite longe trip was the angled fairway around the island Langeland , Ærø and Tåsinge. In this area our attention was attracted by many well maintained “oldies”.  The charter business for this kind of journeys seems to be quite profitable. Ærøskøbing has its own charm. It seems that the gapless arranged old houses in the narrow alleys don’t allow right angles. The culinary level of the little town is convincing.  Our recom-mendation:  „Mumm“ in the center of the village.
5. Day, Ærøskøbing – Kiel, Laboe
Unfortunately the last day already begins. The waether is still improving and we drive round the island Ærø northerly having a short stopover at Faaborg, isle Fyn. Then we turn south, heading for Kiel. First we moor a Laboe and enjoy again a delicious dinner in the restaurant “Fischküche” near the harbor.
6.  Day, Yachthafen Kiel
Doingjust a short passage from Laboe to the “Kieler Yachthafen”where we cleanup RS II for the next crew. A last dinner at the “Kieler Yachtclub” and our journey tends towards its final end.
Once more we had a benefit from the skippers’ experience and are looking forward to the next common cruise.
We thank all the crew members, Hanspeter und Florin for imparting their knowledge, and Paulette for taking care of our physical well-being.
Crew of Cruise 08/2011/35
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20.-27.08.2011 Holidays around the island „Rügen“

20.08.2011 Stralsund – Barhöft
We take over the MY ROLLING SWISS II at Stralsund. Once shopping and storing of food and beverages is done as usual we leave in direction Barhöff. During this short leg we become more familiar with our Trader 42. Doing some exercises (Tellerwende, diagnosis keep position against wind) even the coast guard offered their assistance (you never know what Swiss people are preparing).
21.08.2011 Barhöft – Neuendorf (Hiddensee)
From Barhöft we head to Neuendorf on Hiddensee Island. The 12 miles trip leads mainly through narrow waterways. The island of Hiddensee is nature protection area, medicine no cars but plenty of biting midges. On bicycles we cross the island through moorland, clinic bird sanctuaries and romantic looking villages; however we can’t escape the midges. After a tasty dinner we refresh ourselves with a vespertine skinny-dip (is this conform to CCS rules?) in the sea.
22.08.2011 Neuendorf – Ralswiek
Again we follow plenty of sticks to reach our destination (19 nm). Once more the speed is limited to max. eight nods only. At Ralswiek we attend the open air spectacle “Störtebeker” on a natural stage with impressive scenery.
23.08.2011 Ralswiek – Lohme
From Ralswiek to Lohme (38 sm) after one hour of “buoys counting” we reach the open sea. Finally our Trader 42 flexes its muscles. After driving two hours full speed, passing near the famous chalk cliffs we already arrive at our destination.
24.08.2011 Lohme – Baabe
The trip to Baabe (39 nm) leads us again to the open sea. Today there are waves of about 0.5 m. But still ROLLING SWISS II, unperturbed “rolls” with 20 kn over the waves. The engines a little sweating (some water with antifreeze and a little fuel in the bilge) are mastering their job very well. Visiting the wellness hotel Solthus at Baabe, the crew enjoyed a well merited recovering with sauna and massage.
25.08.2011 Baabe – Peenemünde – Museumshafen Greifswald
Very well recovered we start in direction of Peenemünde. After 18 miles of “funny stick searching” and full speed driving we reach Peenemünde. There we visit the “Historisch–Technisches Museum” at the “Heeresversuchsanstalt Peenemünde”. From here the  worldwide, first launch of a rocket to the space took place.  Needless to say, after that we had a short crawl through the submarine. After short refreshment we continue in direction of Greifswald (19 nm). Passing the drawbridge, Wieck we berth straight at the “Museumshafen” between old gaff schooners, fishing cutters and classic yachts. Now, last, but not least ladies are free for shopping.
26.08.2011 Greifswald – Stralsund
The final leg back to Stralsund takes about 24 nm. Full speed for the last time and we arrive at Stralsund. Here we fill up fuel. Although we went full speed whenever possible our consumption added up to 37.5 liters per hour only. Now then, make clear ship and our holidays on ROLLING SWISS II are over.
Natalie, Crew of Cruise 08/2011/34
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13.–20.08.2011 Danish waters – some hard work of navigation

After a good instruction and handover by the old crew (many thanks to Rolf and Ueli), cialis we departed from Copenhagen by rain. Each member of the new crew (Franz, patient Alexander, patient Edi and Patrik) made their first prudent manoeuvres with our beautiful Trader 42 motor yacht. Due to the rain we didn’t visit the old hamlet of Dragør this first evening.

The next day we made quiet a long trip of 57 miles along the coast of Falster, the shipping channel in the Faxe bight up to Stege, a port that is a little bit offside. The Faxe channel has several shallows marked with numerous cardinals. A good and slightly stressful
opportunity to repeat the meaning of these navigation marks.

From Stege to Femø (22sm) we had westerly winds (5-6 Bft) and nice waves. We couldn’t resist to drive full speed in this amazing conditions. Wow, the two engines of the boat sounded like turbines! In the little but nice port of Femø our Rolling Swiss II was the biggest boat. In consideration of this, we initialised the signal for the drawing down of the flags at sundown.

Again under best weather conditions we cruised from Femö via the really golden Guldborg Sund to Nykøbing (Falster). Nykøbing is mentioned in every tourist and naval guide as place you must visit. Honestly, this town and the Italian restaurant with Turkish cooks we visited didn’t persuade us.

After a long waiting for the opening of he King Arthur bridge early in the morning we passed the southern part of the Guldborg Sund: many buoys, often a very narrow shipping channel and quiet strong tidal currents. The helmsman and navigator in duty had to work fully concentrated. After passing Gedser we began with the passage of the Baltic Sea. Our target, an anchorage berth near Barhöft (isle of Rügen) we reached after several hours of a quiet cruising (sunshine, no wind and no waves) followed by a powerful thunderstorm. The highlights of the evening were another good meal cooked by the Alex and Edi, the sundown, some beers after a short tour in the dinghy and billions of midges.

On Thursday we first headed to Barnhöft port to bunker water and to buy beer. On both we were really very short. 600 litres of water through a thin hose, that takes 45 minutes respectively the first four of the new bought beers. We continued our cruise along the isle of Hiddensee to the nice town Ralswiek. There in the evening we enjoyed an open-air performance of the “Störtebeker Festspiele”. A lot of action, an obscure story, but good entertainment.

Already our last cruising day had arrived. We navigated through the shipping channels up to Stralsund. At more than one place, these channels are very near to the next shallow.

Crew and Skipper of Cruise 08/2011/33

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06.–13.08.2011 Some days in the waters around Copenhagen

Diary of the cruise with extended picture gallery:

Saturday, purchase 06.08.2011
Kopenhagen – Rungsteg
Taking over our ROLLING SWISS II, see shopping food, help getting safety instructions and leaving Christianshaven passing near the marvelous Little Mermaid.
Sunday, 07.08.2011:
Rungsted – Helsingor
Maneuvering in the port to have all crew members controlling well the RS II. Watching the
coast guard executing a MOB operation. We kept sharp lookout as well, but unfortunately
without success.
Later visit of the Castle and the City of Helsingor. After dinner spontaneous decision to
navigate with the  dinghy and have coffee in a restaurant across the harbor.
Monday, 08.08.2011:
Helsingor – Vedebaek
In Vedebak we bought fresh fish from professional fishermen. For dinner we ate the eel
with relish and enjoyed the evening.
Tuesday, 09.08.2011:
Koge – Rodvig
Heading south to Oerensundbridge, Kari and Alexander celebrate their 500th nm.
Wednesday, 10.08.2011:
Koge – Rodvig
Under stromy wind and waves up to 2m MY ROLLING SWISS  II and the crew performed well. There was a quite narrow berth in Rodvig. However, the well trained crew mastered the challenge thanks the high maneuvering performance of our Trader 42.
Thursday, 11.08. and Friday 12.08.2011.
Via Dragor back to Kopenhagen
Cleaning the yacht, changing engine oil by a technician, fixing the generator and checking the ship inventory and the very instructive cruise was already over.
Kari and Rolf of Cruise 08/2011/32
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30.7–06.08.2011 Heading for the next capital

Picture 1: South Kattegat, medicine heading to for the Great Belt.

Picture 2: The generator group kept the crew busy – The replaced impeller

Picture 3: Passing the Smålands strait, check numerous shallows requested high concentration of the navigator.

Picture 4: Jürg, cialis sitting starboard in front, achieved during this cruise his 500th
nm – congratulation.

Picture 5: Evening ambience on the island Ven, Sweden.

Picture 6: Overcrowded Christianshaven, Copenhagen

During our last day on sea, spoiled by the past sunny days, we had to bear
the reverse side of weather. Cruising through the Sund, heading for Copenhagen we
had good sight and a confident forecast. However arising fog degraded the
visibility down to less than 50 m. Keeping sharp look-out and listening, giving acoustic
signals, intensive use of radar, MARPA and AIS functions lead us through the
busy inlet to the port. With two hours delay, but enriched on experience and
happy to arrive we finally moored in Christianshaven.

Rolf, Skipper of Cruise 08/2011/31

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23.–30.07.2011 Peak season in the famous Kattegat

All crew members dropped in with best motivation for the upcoming cruise at Aalborg near the Limfjord, buy viagra the 4th biggest city of Denmark. During the nice and convivial dinner the whole crew with skipper Ernst, sovaldi sale vice skipper Bertrand, Astrid, Celine, Anne-Karina and Kari we prepared our minds for our journey.

On Saturday the taking over of Rolling Swiss II went on as usual, the charges were
assigned as already agreed. Therefore Celine, Anne-Karina and Kari went out for
shopping, to buy ahead the food for the coming days.

Bertrand, our vice skipper, together with Ernst initiated us in the mysteries of the safety
rules on board, a good exercise to get the first impressions of RSII. This yacht has a really impressive layout with excellent equipment and large space for the six crew members. Experiencing my first cruise it was simply stupendous for me.

Our first leg going west on the Limfjord led us to Logstor. There was quite a heavy traffic on the narrow waterway. Lot of foreign and custom boats were on the way in both rections. Arriving at the harbor of Logstor Ernest impressively proofed how little space it’s needed to completely turn around RS II.

On Sunday, the second day of our cruise we were anchoring near the island of Livö. We intended to watch the seals colony living there. From far we saw the animals lying on a swath of land. Going back to the east we passed the lifting bridge of Aegersund and docked in the harbor of Nibe around six o’clock in the evening.

On the following day we anchored on the east end of the Limfjord. Already during the night we left again heading in direction of the Isle of Anholt where we arrived at 09:00 a.m. encountering a crowded harbor.

Our journey then led us  back to the mainland, to Grenaa and Ebeltoft until we arrived on Friday at Aarhus as initially planned.

We experience a interesting and varied week with sunny days and little wind allowing a very enjoyable tour.

Kari, Crew of Cruise 08/2011/30

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