18.06.-02.07.2011 Emden – Hamburg – Kiel: The first time in the Baltic Sea!

Leaving from Emden with my new crew, under the command of Urs, who decided to pass the Jade channel to reach the German Bight. I’m too tall for some bridges there,
so it’s necessary for my crew  to lower my mast to pass through. During the whole day
by strong wind and heavy rain – I’m giggling: The skipper is soppy like a sponge, we
are navigating snugly on dead slow towards Wilhelmshaven.  By following the canal, at least ten times people on bicycle or by foot told the skipper that I’m very beautiful. The bridges open according to my movement, even an ambulance (with flashing red lights) was
waiting my passage. At the German Marine Port Wilhelmshaven, waiting for the
opening of the big lock I assisted on an air force exercise simulating a low
level mission attack to the port.  Finally and again under heavy rain we passed the big lock to reach the port of Bremerhaven, the most easterly port I’ve seen together with my skipper last year. After that we left for Hamburg to encounter my next crew.

The changing of the crew in the City-Hafen in Hamburg went quite quick since the skipper remained on board with me. We even left the same afternoon heading for Brunsbüttel
to enter into Kiel Cabal (Nord-Ostsee-Kanal, NOK). After one night of recovery
at Rendsburg I passed the lock of Holtenau on Monday, 27. June 2011 at 12:00
a.m. to dive the first time into the Baltic Sea. The skipper made me discover the Schlei and then, back in Kiel he confides me to the next skipper Marc, who is the person looking after me.

Hope to see you soon

Rolling Swiss II

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11.-18.06.2011 Cruise Amsterdam – Emden, Summertime in the Wadden Sea

On Friday, salve 10th of June 2011 the first crew members arrived on the Rolling
Swiss II. Contrary to the initial planning we received the yacht in the inner
port of Medemblik at the shipyard de Klerk. On Saturday, after the arrival of
the other crew members we left the shipyard passing a lock to reach the main
port of Medemblik.

With good weather and calm sea we left Medemblik on Sunday in direction of Oudenschild on the Isle of Texel. As for the next day the weather was to become worse we continued up to the Isle of Terschelling. Due to White Sunday Weekend we found the port overcrowded. We had to moore alongside of a “Wadden Sea Cruiser”. All of us  were quite surprised to see the cruiser actuating its skegs hydraulically.

Under misty weather we said goodbye to Terschelling and reached later on Leeuwarden via Harlingen. There the whole crew was fascinated by this picturesque Dutch village.

On Tuesday we travelled through the canals to arrive at Lauwersoog. Sometimes the canals
were quite narrow and very precise steering of the Rolling Swiss II was requested. Some of the crew members found maneuvering in the locks very challenging.

Having beautiful weather we crossed from Lauersoog to Borkum Island, to enter into the
“Bundesschutzhafen”. The very badly maintained port didn’t really invite for staying, therefore we decided to explore the Isle on bicycle. By the way, Borkum is full of tourists during summer time.

Thursday we left Borkum with the idea to bunker fuel at Delfzijl. However the gasoil
station was closed. Luckily we found a shipyard near the Ems flood barrage to fill up our tanks. Due to foul ground the approach to the shipyard was a final nautical challenge for us. Via the sea lock of Emden we reached our final destination at Ratsdelft of Emden.

We had a varied sailing trip, with demanding navigation in a very interesting area round
the wadden sea.

Johannes, Skipper of  cruise 08-2011-24

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