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Well, decease this was a rather special cruise for MY ROLLING SWISS II and for me as her skipper…
The main goal on this cruise from 05.-09. april 2011 in the Solent was to train two experienced sailing skippers on a motor yacht, pills so that they are able to drive and manoeuvre a motor vessel with twin engines – a common CCS task actually.

But during this cruise we were accompanied by an editor of the well known German magazine “BOOTE” and a photographer. They recorded our cruise and the way CCS does training on motor yachts in order to write an article for the magazine. Well, I will not go into details about this cruise and only point out one highlight – May you will read the full story about this cruise in the September edition of the BOOTE magazine which will be out in a couple of months.

Just the highlight of this cruise should be mentioned here: MY ROLLING SWISS II got the chance to act as a winching platform for training by helicopter 104 of the Solent Coastguard. We had to sail with a speed of about 18 knots direction to the Needles – with a helicopter some meters above us, a medical and a stretcher at the winch – and an awful noise around us…!

Video-RSII as winching platform (mp4 – 22MB)

Video – RSII as winching platform (Quicktime – 18MB)

This was an unforgettable experience for the whole crew. CCS will use the lessons learned for further instruction for CCS skippers and for teaching students. Magazine BOOTE will publish a story about this training in the august edition.

Thanks to my Crew, who had to work hard during this days, to my German colleagues – we are looking forward reading “our” story – and of course to Solent Coast Guard and the crew of helicopter 104.

Marc Pingoud, Skipper CCS Cruise 08-2011-14B

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CCS Flag officers on board!

Cool and windy weather, buy lots of activity on shore in the shipyards along Hamble River, capsule a pretty nervous CCS boat manager giving us a warm welcome on our arrival by taxi and the last technical works at the Yacht by specialists of the shipyard – thus the situation we found at the beginning of the three day visit of the CCS flag officers on board ROLLING SWISS II.

And what a shock for the skipper it was, when he realized that the Commodore and Vice-Commodores not only intended to maneuver and test the boat in all nautical conditions and situations, but also planned to really use all the very comfortable onboard-facilities such as pantry, showers and many more things that obviously not many crews had used a lot before.

Let’s pass the results of all those activities over the next three days from Saturday to Monday in short review:

Saturday morning gave us a chance to have a closer look at all the very sophisticated technical aspects of the yacht. Well prepared for the first day’s cruising down Hamble River into the Solent, everybody of the crew took the chance to get a feeling for the boat’s behavior under two engines, far away from harbors, berths and other yachts, before getting into Southampton Harbour.

Unfortunately, Sunday morning’s maneuver exercises at Southampton’s Ocean Village Marina passed much too quickly for everybody. What a pleasure to handle the TRADER 42 with her two engines and a bow thruster in narrow spaces and windy corners!
And what a surprise to read the log off Hurst Point on the way to the Needles a couple of hours later: 24.5 knots – a new CCS record (thanks to an outgoing current and a calm sea)!
Passing a calm night at Yarmouth in early spring brought a remarkable impression of The British way of life in remote villages and pubs. Thanks for that to our Skipper Marc Pingoud, who obviously has been here before, thus knowing exactly the best place to go for Great British Burgers, Sirloin Steaks, Fish and Chips and of course Guinness and Ale!

Monday passed much too quickly also for all the interesting MOB-trainings in the choppy and windy Solent, for maneuvering in bloody windy conditions in Cowes Marina and later on again at Portsmouth’s Haslar Marina.

Tuesday morning: Everybody on board being kept busy cleaning the boat – what else? And then back to work in Switzerland.

Marc, a huge thank you for a great and very interesting time you gave us on board your “baby”. Thanks to you, even die-hard sailing freaks among the participating CCS flag officers can now imagine to skipper one of the attractive future cruises ROLLING SWISS II is going to undertake in the months and years to come.

Beat M. Schifferli, Commodore of the Cruising Club of Switzerland

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Cruises in 2011 – To the Baltic sea into the Limfjord in Denmark and the Island of Ruegen

The very first cruise in 2011 MY Rolling Swiss II was already in January 2011 from her winter lay in Southampton to London  – she sailed not in the water, shop but on the lorry: Cleaned and refurbished she did very well on representing Trader’s 42 Signature model at London Boat show during 10 days.

In the rainy morning of Wednesday, 30 March 2011 Hanspeter, the Captain of the CCS Motor Yachting Section and me arrived at Southampton. After some last checks, Rolling Swiss II was launched in the afternoon at Universal Marina in the River Hamble. The main works during the winter have already been finished. But some little work has still to be done until Saturday morning, when the first cruise of the season 2011 will be starting.

MY Rolling Swiss II will be challenged within the next 28 weeks in 2011: Non Stop from each Saturday to Saturday our Trader 42 will sail from the English Solent to Brittany, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Hamburg into the Baltic sea, by passing Kiel Canal. She will carry CCS Crews to Denmark into the famous Limfjord and after some cruises in the Kattegat, Rolling Swiss II will call at Copenhagen on her way to the German island of Ruegen.

In autumn MY Rolling Swiss will take her way to her winter lay in Medemblik at the Jisselmer. At the end of the season 2011 there will be some special cruises with themes as maneuvering and radar training in Holland.

Well, and mid of October 2011 I will lift her out of the water again, after she has sailed for about 800 hours and maybe up to 5000 nautical miles.

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Marc Pingoud
CCS Yacht Manager Rolling Swiss II

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