Bye Bye! … until 2011

On Saturday 09.10.2010 the last cruise CCS cruise of 2010 ended in Southampton. In my role as the person responsible for the boat, I went to the UK for several days to check that all was well with the boat…

I took over the Trader 42 from the previous skipper, and then got down to work! I needed to check the whole inventory, identify any damage, and make the list of all works to be done over the winter by Trader.  I also cleared out the kitchen of food!

I then went through a rather long list with Peter Ellis (an engineer who has worked on Traders for more than fifteen years), who will do most of the work during the boat’s winterisation.

On Monday 11.10.2010 we took „Rolling Swiss II“ towards her new home for the winter: Universal Marina, Southampton. On the way, we saw the brand new cruise ship „Queen Elizabeth“ (which was actually named by the Queen of England herself the following day!)

At Universal, „Rolling Swiss II“ was lifted  out of the water. We checked the underwater section for damages- and we were delighted not to find any serious damage! … there were some little scrapes on the starboard propeller, from when it scraped the bottom on the river Thames earlier in the season.  It was not a surprise, because the skipper had already reported this incident to me soon after it occured.

Having stored the boat safely in Southampton, I said goodbye to her for this year…

She did a good season 2010: From 26.06.2010 untill 08.10.2010 she was on cruisies for 15 consecutive weeks and sailed 2777nm during 485 engine-hours. About 70 Skippers and crew members enjoyed their holidays on „Rolling Swiss II“ during the 2010 season…. that more than 90% occupancy on the cruises- our highest occupancy yet for a CCS season!  I was delighted to receive lots of positive feedback from our members as well. :-)

The cruisie schedule for 2011 has already been set, and is shown on the CCS website… so, please check it out at!

See you in spring 2011!

Marc Pingoud, CCS- Motoryacht division
Responsible for Trader42 „Rolling Swiss II“

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Final Cruise! (With Video!)

The first season for our new CCS motoryacht iwas coming to an end, troche but not before we had our turn! On Saturday, 2. October, six of us CCS members met up- eager to experience a training cruise on board of the beautiful yacht „Rolling Swiss II“. Two crew members, already sailing skippers, were on the cruise in order to get trained as motoryacht skippers as well.

At the beginning of the season, I had the pleasure to meet Malcom Trigg, the owner of a another Trader 42. We agreed to meet again on Saturday, 3. October to make a journey together.

Although it was raining and the wind was quite strong we went out as agreed. During our common cruise we took various pictures and even some videos of the two Traders. Check out the videos here!

VIDEO! On the move in Portsmouth!

VIDEO! Trader go go go!

Then, we had a lovely Sunday lunch at Bucklers Hard on the Beaulieu River. Malcolm is very happy with his Trader 42 …. even though- despite his more powerful engines with 425 HP- he couldn’t go faster than us (with 380HP) on that day!

On Monday it became serious…. with all crew members practising numerous training manouevres. Then on Wednesday we made a trip to Poole admiring the White Rocks. Crossing to Poole with 5-6 bft gave us the chance to really the seagoing capabilities of the Trader 42! Everyone agreed that- even on big waves- by adapting our engine power output,  „Rolling Swiss II“ rolled considerably less than other boats we had been on.

Certainly, a special highlight of the cruise was the arrival at Portsmouth at night… surrounded on all sides by numerous lights, as we navigated through a lot of heavy vessels traffic. Then we said goodbye to the boat in Southampton at the end of our extensive training cruise. Conclusion: Objectives achieved and already eager for the 2011 season!

Marcel Geering, CCS
October 2010

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Mythos Solent!

During our week on the Trader 42 „Rolling Swiss II“, patient the Solent waters were very active and variable… we had strong winds, illness fog, rain sun and storms! We also faced the challenges of various tides and currents, low water, water ways… as well speed ferries to navigate around!

This were ideal circumstances for practising helming with the radar, supported by AIS in the open sea, and for getting more familiar with tide calculation and weather forecasting. We practised and trained a lot, learnt very much and gained more and more confidence.

„Rolling Swiss II“ showed her best side and responded well to all our maneuvres- although there are some limits in strong wind!  She doesn’t like those conditions too much, and becomes a little stubborn as many other yachts do!

We spent a fascinating and instructive week cruising on the fantastic Trader in various sea conditions!

Rebekka Baur, CCS, October 2010

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