All at Sea!

Friday 17.9.2010:- All the crew members arrived… then we had an excellent dinner and social gathering in the evening

Saturday 18.9.2010:- After taking over the yacht and a big shopping expedition (no, case no we don’t cook on board!) we went out for the first trip to become acquainted with Trader 42… positive first impression!

Sunday 19.9.2010:- Heading from Brighton to Cowes (Isle of Wight), seek the weather changed and we were suddenly dealing with 2m waves. We felt like were in a washing machine…the whole program: prewash, sale main wash and spinning!

However, during this 8 hours of bad weather, the Trader 42″Rolling Swiss“ steadily ploughed through stream and waves. Even with “cross sea” the yacht was easy going and always reliable.

After reaching our destination port we checked the kitchen… and everything was still intact!

Monday  20.9.2010:- We visited Queen Victoria’s “Summer Cottage”, Osborn House. There is a marvelous garden with a glorious view out to sea.

Then we went on to Yarmouth, an idyllic small town, where we enjoyed the local restaurants.

Tuesday  21.9.2010:- In the morning we visited the Archeological Underwater Museum and the Aquarium in Fort Victoria, Yarmouth. Later, after lengthy discussions we decided to surround the Needles and then to head for Lymington. The Needles tickled our ambitions to take some beautiful pictures. The best view found, the helmsman had to keep the yacht in position to allow everybody to shoot his pictures. A real challenge, but worthwhile, as we all got the pictures we wanted!

With high speed, we pressed on to Lymington, made a “precision landing” in the harbor. Happily we found a nice pub with excellent food.

Wednesday 22.9.2010:- After some launching maneuvres in the port (each crew member must be able to control the yacht) we left in the direction of Buckler’s Hard up the Beaulieu river.

Half the crew went out by dinghy to announce our arrival to the harbor master. The rest of the crew took a refreshing bathe in the river!

Thursday  23.9.2010:- Our last day at sea, before handing over the next crew. Heading into Portsmouth- even though were on a quite important and very nice yacht-  suddenly we felt very small! From right and left, and back and front, we were surrounded by big tankers, ferries and luxury liners.

When we reached the port, we had a final dinner at a nice Indian restaurant to round off our trip.

Friday  24.9.2010- A visit on the Submarine Museum, Portsmouth and then we had to “clear ship” for the next crew and say goodbye to „Rolling Swiss“.

Rudolf Zürcher, CCS, September 2010


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Meeting our Sister Ship!

We started our cruise in Teddington near the British capital. We set off towards London, aiming for Chatham. Our plans were guided by the tides…. as we needed low water to get under certain bridges and high water for a weir. The river journey was very picturesque and it was a marvelous autumn morning… so we didn’t mind the extra miles to get to London!

After admiring London Bridge, Westminster and Big Ben from the river’s view we crossed the Greenwich Zero Meridian at 10:26 a.m. and later on the impressive Thames Barrier. Since the weather forecast announced 7ft of wind and over 2m waves we decided to stay for a day in Ramsgate. Than we sailed via Dover to Eastbourne…

We were quite astonished to hear that the harbour master at Eastbourne already knew our yacht and the name of the skipper. Credit is certainly due to networking harbor masters, EDP and data protection(!)

Cruising near Seven Sisters there were some rough, choppy seas…. but that was no problem for „Rolling Swiss“!

Near Brighton we were excited to meet one of our sister ships- one of the CCS sailing boats: „Smiling Swiss“!

The Cruising Club of Switzerland has family all over Europe!

Rolf Höchli, CCS, September 2010


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English Riviera!

diagnosis London“ src=“×225.jpg“ alt=““ width=“300″ height=“225″ />Saturday, sales 04-09-2010:-
Early morning we boarded “Rolling Swiss”, viagra sale lying in the marvelous St.Katherine’s Dock in central London, by magnificent Tower Bridge. Very soon we left the marina, passing the lock, reaching the Thames and turning starboard we had the imposing Tower Bridge in front of us. The cruise through London, passing all the famous places, was very exciting. We passed under 20 bridges! Mooring at Chiswick, we practiced opening the spray hood and tilting the instrument antennae, which went well.

Sunday, 05.09.2010:-
As the bridges on our route got lower and lower we had to tilt the antennae down to pass sometimes. We passed the locks at Richmond and Teddington and had to pay a fee of £183 allowing us to cruise during 15 days in the “Non Tidal Thames” (6 days, interestingly, costs more: £198!) After Teddington Lock, the tides reduce and the views become greener and greener. Near Kingston close to a small island we stopped to have lunch. Then, after two more locks, near Shepperton we moored on a public pier….free of charge!

Monday, 06.09.2010:-
Further up the picturesque river Thames, we passed several locks and passed another night on a public pier.
Tuesday, 07.09.2010:-
Today we had to bring down spray hood and instrument beam (taking about 15 min) because near Windsor there are two bridges with only 4 m clearance! When arriving at Windsor it began to rain heavily, unfortunately. But we went out to visit Windsor Castle, one of the Queen’s weekend residences!

Wednesday, 08.09.2010:-
On the way back to London, once more we had to bring down the equipment beam, this time it took us only 7 minutes! Just before the Old Windsor Lock we brought everything back into the original position (7 min only again!). For the night we found another public pier near Shepperton, a very nice place to stop…

Thursday, 09.09.2010:-
After some manoeuvre training, we moored at the public pier of the island where we stopped some days before for lunch. Using the “Rolling Swiss” dinghy, we crossed the river to visit Kingston, a lovely London borough.

Friday, 10.09.2010:-
In the morning we passed Teddington Lock and moored at the Boat Shop Marina. We had cleverly booked this boat in advance, because -due to the Thames Festival- we couldn’t reserve a mooring in London. Handing over the boat in Teddington, however, gave the following crew the pleasure of cruising through London, as we did!


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