Coastlines & Inland Waterways!

We, the crew of  „Rolling Swiss II“ on her second cruise, took the Trader 42 all the way from Portsmouth to Amsterdam.  It was a record-breaking cruise for the motoryacht department of our club (CCS- Cruising Club of Switzerland), as we covered nearly 450 miles in one week!

We certainly didn’t take the most direct route….taking in some fantastic cruising spots on the way.  First, we crossed the channel to France, reaching the holiday town of Honfleur near Le Havre. Then we cruised up to Rotterdam, following the coastlines of France, Belgium and Holland taking in all the sights and along the way…

Then from Rotterdam up to Amsterdam, we traveled along the inland waterways. This is so different from ocean cruising! Although the Trader 42 is a Category A ocean-going vessel, her unique folding mast design means she is just as at home on Europe’s canals, as she is out on the open seas.

There were so many lovely, inviting places along the way that we would like to have stopped at, but our time was drawing to a close and soon it would be the next crew’s turn. Now, we must get on with booking in for our 2011 cruise on „Rolling Swiss II“!

CCS Crew, July 2010


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First Cruise!

We were delighted to skipper the magnificent new motoryacht „Rolling Swiss II“ for her first cruise as part of the Cruising Club of Switzerland (CCS) – taking the keys over from our CCS colleague, health Marc Pingoud.

Marc was one of the CCS members most responsible for choosing the Trader 42 Signature as our flagship motoryacht- he and the team did a lot of research and made a great choice!

This first cruise was around the South coast of England- through historic, picturesque Chichester on to the beautiful waters around the Isle of Wight.

We needed to make a few final adjustments to our technical kit (no surpise, as the boat is brand new!) –  but we have been absolutely delighted with the Trader 42 Signature as she offers all the best in comfort, sea-worthiness and cutting-edge equipment.

Now we must say goodbye to „Rolling Swiss“ as the new crew is taking over – to take our new cruiser on to Rotterdam and beyond…!

CCS Crew, July 2010.


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